Official Best Of provides TV & web viewers with the official best places to visit in a growing number of states across America. Official Best Of solicits nominations for "Best Of" selections on our web site. Our Official Best of researchers then scour print and online travel resources, consult with local Convention & Visitors Bureaus, Chambers of Commerce and other experts in the field to determine which nominees or researched attractions will be named as a "best of". Each destination is then contacted to inform them of their awarded title.

Once the nominee accepts the awarded "Best of" title and agrees to be featured, we arrange the production. After all features are produced, we compile them into a television program which then airs in the largest metropolitan area in each state on a major TV network. Once we have produced our first show in a given state, Official Best Of will produce a new program each year featuring updated research on who is the best for that year.

As an added benefit, each individual feature we produce in each state is then made available to view on our website for a three year period in addition to the TV network airings. Each of our TV viewers and visitors to our website can see for themselves what a place is like before they make a decision on whether or not to visit. Travelers can skip the hype and endless brochures, websites that switch & bait or don't offer enough information and simply visit our website for a complete view of each attraction within a growing number of states. Yes, we are growing! And as we grow, the number of states and features we do for each state is growing. Thank you for visiting our website and we look forward to seeing you visit us often!

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